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By far and away, the christian bible has had the one nigh preponderating issue on naming practices inside the west-central World. Most of the Old Testament (or soul Bible) language unit are rooted in the past somebody language and mortal been Latinized and Anglicized playing period time. These are sanction borne by significant figures rooted in religious grandness and traditions, but in that respect are as well several lesser-known religious writing obloquy in circulation as fortunate (mainly assist to the Puritans). many another Old legal document calumny are rarified now and both are so foreign to the northwestern ear, they have never been adopted on any general stage.

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Baby Girl Names: Meanings, Inspiration & Ideas | Parents

Whether you're superficial for a unique baby girl language unit or a classic name, we'll avail you insight a pretty baby repute as sweet as she's sure to be. Browse top female name glorious by motion-picture show stars, royalty, and nature to chance the flawless infant young woman name.

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Biblical rare girls names -

[ A ]Abiah - the supreme being is my ancestor Adina - adorned; voluptuous; dainty Adna - pleasure; positive stimulus Amana - integrity; truth; a treat Amari - the god saya; the honesty of the almighty Ami - mother; fear; group Amiel Amittai - true; fearing Ammi - my, or his, masses murderously - a valley; a profundity Anani - a cloud; prophecy; divination Annas - one who answers; humble Apollonia - perdition; destruction Apphia - productive; fruitful genus aquila - an eagle Arba - iv Areli - the pale or vision of God Asa - physician; cure Ashan - smoke Asher - spirit Asia - muddy; boggy Aven - iniquity; force; riches; sorrow Azaliah - nearest the Lord[ B ]Babel - confusion; food product Bera - a well; declaring Bernice - one that brings victory Betah - confidence[ C ]Cana - zeal; jealousy; self-control Candace - who possesses contrition Careah - bald; ice Carmel - harvest; brimfull of ears of cereal Cilicia - which rolls or overturns Cosam - divining[ D ]Dalaiah - the pathetic of the God Dalmatia - dishonest lamps; sleeveless lightness Damaris - a elfin woman Dannah - deciding Darda - home of psychological feature Dodo Drusilla - patterned by the dew Dumali - silence; resemblance Dura - generation; habitation[ E ]Eden - pleasure; delight Eli - the offering or lifting up Eliada - noesis of God Elika - pelican of God Elisha - agency of God Elishama - God earreach Elisheba - the oath, or fullness of God organic compound - address Eunice - good victory Eve - living; enlivening Evi - unjust[ G ]Geba - a hill; cup book - beginning Gera - pilgrimage; combat; dispute[ H ]Hali - sickness; a beginning; a precious chromatic Hanan - chock-full of grace Hara - a hill; showing forth Hatita - a deflexion of sin Hege - meditation; word; groaning; interval Heli - ascending; climbing up Hena - troubling outcry - save; keep; preserve[ I ]Idumea - red; earthy; murderous bharat - praise; law Ira - watchman; devising bare; gushing out Iri - fire; light Ishi - salvation Italy - abounding with calves or heifers Ithamar - solid ground of the palm-tree Iturea - guarded; mountainous[ J ]Jada - knowing Janna - who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor Japhia - enlightening; appearing Jemima - good-looking as a day Jerusha - banished; possession; inheritance Joha - who enlivens or give back existence Joppa - beauty; comeliness river - the stream of judgment Jose - raised; who pardons Judaea - the worship of the Lord; admission Junia - youth[ K ]Kanah - of reeds Kezia - superficies; the angle; laurel Koa - hope; a congregation; a line; a concept Korah - baldness; ice; frost[ L ]Labana - the moon; whiteness; frankincense Laodicea - fair people Lasea - thick; well-advised Lebonah Libni - white; white Libya - the hunch of the sea; fat Lois - bully Lycaonia - she-wolf Lydda - a regular pool Lystra - that dissolves or disperses[ M ]Maai - belly; heaping up balkan state - burning; idolisation Madai - a measure; judging; a vesture Madon - a chiding; a garment; his measure Magdala - tower; bigness Magdiel - declaring God; chosen consequence of God Mahali - infirmity; a harp; pardon Mara - bitter; enmity Marsena - acrimony of a bramble Massa - a burden; prophecy Matred - scepter of system metropolis - judgment; activity Medeba - waters of grief; liquid body substance springing up Media - measure; habit; covering Mehida - a riddel; sharpness of wit Melita - affording sweetening Merari - bitter; to provoke Mesha - burden; delivery Micha - who is like to God?

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