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By far and away, the word of god has had the single most possessive issue on conclusion practices inside the Western World. near of the Old religious text (or somebody Bible) names are frozen in the ancient Hebrew language and wealthy person been Latinized and Anglicized over time. These are names borne by significant figures rooted in religious standing and traditions, but there are also several lesser-known biblical names in circulation as well (mainly acknowledgement to the Puritans). many an Old religious writing sanction are rare now and some are so nonnative to the northwestern ear, they have ne'er been adoptive on any general stage.

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Baby Girl Names: Meanings, Inspiration & Ideas | Parents

Whether you're looking for a unique baby missy name or a creative person name, we'll help you find a pretty baby name as sweet as she's in for to be. Browse top girl sanction inspired by motion-picture show stars, royalty, and cause to find the clean offspring girlfriend name.

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Biblical rare girls names -

[ A ]Abiah - the Lord is my father Adina - adorned; voluptuous; squeamish Adna - pleasure; satisfy Amana - integrity; truth; a feel Amari - the Lord saya; the integrity of the master Ami - mother; fear; people Amiel Amittai - true; fearing Ammi - my, or his, people Amok - a valley; a depth Anani - a cloud; prophecy; surmisal Annas - one who answers; modest Apollonia - perdition; state Apphia - productive; plentiful Aquila - an eagle Arba - little joe Areli - the light or mental imagery of God Asa - physician; medication Ashan - smoke Asher - happiness collection - muddy; quaggy Aven - iniquity; force; riches; sorrow Azaliah - near the Lord[ B ]Babel - confusion; accumulation Bera - a well; declaring Bernice - one that brings victory Betah - confidence[ C ]Cana - zeal; jealousy; possession Candace - who possesses contrition Careah - bald; ice Carmel - harvest; full of ears of grain Cilicia - which rolls or overturns Cosam - divining[ D ]Dalaiah - the poor of the God geographic region - dishonest lamps; futile luminance Damaris - a little social class Dannah - deciding Darda - domicile of knowledge columbiform bird Drusilla - watered by the dew Dumali - silence; similitude Dura - generation; habitation[ E ]Eden - pleasure; joy Eli - the offering or lifting up Eliada - knowledge of God Elika - pelecaniform seabird of God Elisha - delivery of God Elishama - God hearing Elisheba - the oath, or fullness of God vinyl ether - gossip Eunice - dandy conclusion Eve - living; animating Evi - unjust[ G ]Geba - a hill; cup Genesis - first Gera - pilgrimage; combat; dispute[ H ]Hali - sickness; a beginning; a precious stone Hanan - full of grace Hara - a hill; display forth Hatita - a movement of sin Hege - meditation; word; groaning; separation Heli - ascending; ascent up Hena - troubling Hosanna - save; keep; preserve[ I ]Idumea - red; earthy; bloody bharat - praise; law Ira - watchman; production bare; pouring out Iri - fire; light Ishi - salvation Italy - abundant with calves or heifers Ithamar - island of the palm-tree Iturea - guarded; mountainous[ J ]Jada - wise to Janna - who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor Japhia - enlightening; appearance Jemima - beautiful as a day Jerusha - banished; possession; transferred property Joha - who enlivens or give being yafo - beauty; comeliness river - the stream of judgment Jose - raised; who pardons judaea - the praise of the Lord; confession Junia - youth[ K ]Kanah - of reeds Kezia - superficies; the angle; tree Koa - hope; a congregation; a line; a conception Korah - baldness; ice; frost[ L ]Labana - the moon; whiteness; frankincense Laodicea - just multitude Lasea - thick; wise Lebonah Libni - white; whiteness Libya - the bosom of the sea; fat Lois - better Lycaonia - she-wolf Lydda - a standing pool Lystra - that dissolves or disperses[ M ]Maai - belly; heaping up macedon - burning; latria Madai - a measure; judging; a habilitate Madon - a chiding; a garment; his point of reference Magdala - tower; greatness Magdiel - declaring God; chosen fruit of God Mahali - infirmity; a harp; pardon Mara - bitter; gustatory sensation Marsena - acrimony of a woody plant Massa - a burden; foretelling Matred - sceptre of government Medan - judgment; cognition Medeba - binary compound of grief; waters springing up Media - measure; habit; artefact Mehida - a riddel; sharpness of wit Melita - affording honey Merari - bitter; to provoke Mesha - burden; saving Micha - who is like to God?

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