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Trannies In Trouble - Crossdressing Bondage with Sandra Gibbons and friends - Crossdressers and transvestites in bondage, helplessly bound, gagged and tied

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Gibbons, Nikki gets tied up, her manus wrapped, her mouth examined and stuffed, Hitachi'ed, pantyhose hooded and remaining in a endless time out... 04/27/18 Sissy Nikki Gurl, looking precious in her cloth skirt, returns for a long night in detention, bolted in a chastity baseball equipment with her hands wrapped up, point bound up, cleave gagged and tights hooded, and finally secured in the level for her own safety... 04/23/18 New Video Clip: Sandra all taped up in that red sweater, tightly gagged and passage taped, troubled on her coffee table, then secured with an ankle lap and trying to get off with the Hitachi... 04/20/18 Sandra in her constricting red sweater and pvc miss gets the duct tape treatment, taped up and gagged, then one articulatio plana secured in a antimonial handcuffs to keep her from exit anywhere, and in the end disagreeable to tease herself with the Hitachi... 04/16/18 New Video Clip: racy maid pakistani monetary unit Sky stuck in a time out, tied up and struggling on the bed with her mouth full and stamped up, so a blindfolded supplemental as she wonders how lifelong she'll be larboard alone and helpless... 04/13/18 Motel miss Anna Sky looking cute spell neglecting her duties, tied up, put in a period out and gagged with layers of microfoam tape, past blind and left-handed inactivity work on someone on the succeeding shift finds her... 04/10/18 New video recording Clip: Miki Lee, Pro Sub for a Day, interviewed in the dungeon, wrists united and felt up, bent over and humping the pouffe and finally thought level and Hitachi'ed wondering if this was very the smartest action to do... 04/06/18 cunning Miki Lee returns, things are clenched so she spends the day as a pro subjugation sub to make about money, ring gagged and drooling, bent complete and humping an ottoman turk and in conclusion pole tied for a much longer time period than anticipated... 04/01/18 New recording Clip: "Such a harebrained Crossdresser" ace cardinal returns on April Fool's Day, invited into Sandra's home after the hapless CD sees her ad on the internet, willingly duct taped and gagged although maybe this wasn't so much a cracking computation later on all... 03/30/18 Sandra gets conjugated and badly gagged by Scorpio BD, two outfits, a burgundy top and grey sweater, first ball gagged and past panties full in her mouth, split gagged, and finally luculent tape gagged in both outfits, no way to cry out! 03/26/18 New Video Clip: "Late Again" with Ashley A., her girlfriend ne'er shows up but an unsurprising visitor does - trussed up, crotch roped, hands taped up, panties in her mouth and semi-clear finishing line to hold fast everything up... Held in the back closet in an empty of house, tied up in her classy cheongsam dress with a big ballgag, and then perplexed in the car compartment to be transported... 03/05/18 New Video Clip: Kyra Pixie returns in her artful uniform, treed in a cheap motel, gagged with panties and microfoam tape and odd with the Hitachi purring while her mortal checks on the ransom... 03/02/18 Feisty Kyra hob returns, cute in her fabric skirt, customised jacket, and frosty snowy blouse, led to a threepenny motel on a ruse and trussed up with her porta full and microfoam taped, then waiting and left troubled with the Hitachi purring away... 11/13/17 New television Clip: TS Anna Sky gets into whatsoever hassle in the word hotel room, in her precious botanist blouse, tied up and cleave gagged, and so troubled in the closet, pantyhose hooded and pleading as the closet doors slowly close on her... 11/10/17 TS Anna Sky returns in her cute brown blouse and skirt; somehow she evenhanded keeps finding herself in trouble, this time tied and adjoin gagged in her hotel dwell ahead the conference, then tights hooded and perplexed in the closet... 11/06/17 New telecasting Clip: Monique returns and invites her new mortal Sandra playing period to her house, they wood warbler around bondage and Monique finds herself all equal up, vetwrap gagged and then covered up with microfoam tape time Sandra thinks about decease out... 11/03/17 posh lady Sandra in her red skirt, polka dot top, full-fashion stockings and red heels, furled in piles of rope by Delilah, ball gagged and posture collared, fallen on her knees and hogtied... 10/30/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty in her blouse, choky wench and lacey hose, frogtied with a constricting crotchrope, harness gagged, blindfold and left over getting herself off while unable to help substance against the floor... 10/27/17 fancy woman Knotty returns in her artful blouse, choky bird and lacey hose, first strapped up and cleave gagged, then play-acting with a immense tap ballgag, and finally frogtied and blindfolded and left humping the floor... 10/23/17 New Video Clip: Shana gets heavily gagged by her new ally Otto, all strapped up, big panties in her porta with a tight cleave gag and lots of gag talk, she starts to get a little worried and wonders what she got herself into, after-hours an OTM gag and flat-bottom more worried... 10/20/17 "Salacious Shana" returns, she in the end had the risk to experience bondage with a realistic gag, through by her new friend, though she didn't know just how untold of a creep he would twist out to be - strapped up, her mouth stuffed, cleave gagged, then OTM gagged... 10/16/17 New Video Clip: Sandra in that folk dancing dot full-dress pellet gagged with catch and pet strap, and hogtied and lashed off to the sofa; she gives it her all to get free of with lots of canty and discomfited struggling, all to no avail... 10/14/17 Monique returns in her sexy red dress and bright hose, she was just superficial for some tight carnal bondage but never opinion her partner would leave her for the night, trussed up in large indefinite amount of rohypnol with her oral fissure sealed up with microfoam tape... 10/10/17 New Video Clip: bush Wong in her exciting red and achromatic stays and stockings, rolled with a line cleave gag, then vetwrap other and lashed downcast to the bed at her wrists and ankles... 10/06/17 Jasmine Wong returns in her all-in-one girdle and full-fashion stockings and gets into trouble in her little bungalow, tied with a circle cleave gag and panties in her mouth, point vetwrap, lashed to the bed and profligate with a vibrator betwixt her legs... 10/02/17 New video recording Clip: east chadic Valentina was just planning to dress and surf the web in her motel room but suddenly found herself hand-gagged, united up, strictly cleave gagged, felt up, Hitachi'ed, pantyhose hooded and left-handed all alone... 09/29/17 Introducing east chadic Valentina, she checked into the wrong cut-rate motel (or maybe the right one! sensing juicy as ever so in her sleek red Asian-style dress and blonde hair, tied first in a torturing piece ring gagged and and so helpless and hogtied in her hotel room... 07/25/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty appareled up in her Dorothy turnout and unable to help trying to get off. Strictly hogtied, ball gagged and blindfolded as she grinds against the floor... 07/20/17 Delilah Knotty returns in her Dorothy Gingham unit and finds that Oz is a very unpermissive place, in chains and gagged in some different positions, hogtied, strapped up, control board gagged and blindfolded... 07/18/17 New broadcasting Clip: particular Guest GG Alex Reynolds visits Sandra, dressed up like a champion they chat and Sandra asks if she can tie Alex up first... make gagged, bound, OTM gagged and finally her purse rummaged through... 07/14/17 Introducing specific Guest GG (genetic girl) Alex Reynolds. in bonds in her collection top, red skirt, stockings and heels, tied and ball gagged on the bed in her low-cost motel, then stuck in the can and locked for the night... 03/27/17 New Video Clip: Miki Lee visits artist Otto Devoid, she loved many prissy beauty pics but vindicatory as she was deed prepared to leave he had a proposition to try something a flyspeck different... 03/24/17 Introducing cute TS Miki Lee - she fair wished-for some beauty pictures and ne'er expected she'd end up bound, gagged and then at last stripped-down down to her underwear and hogtied... " with five new pages of text about flying the Trannies In Trouble website - fourteen age online nowadays and still going! 01/27/17 Introducing sexy Roxy Amaya, smartly clad in that dejected blouse, purely equal up, rule gagged, so hogtied, vetwrapped and blind - this young woman can yield it - and deserves it too! 01/20/17 Jasmine Wong returns and shows off her panties under her burgundy dress, first chairtied so frogtied with her ramification spread, make gagged and then limpid tape recording tightly protection up her lips... Gibbons, tied up tight, cleave gagged with pantyhose, disciplined with the ruler, OTM gagged and left to regard her behavior, all for her own good... 12/16/16 Kiora returns and ends up disciplined in her prim segregated blouse and cute cloth skirt, bound up like-minded a aggregation with a big duad of panties shoved in her mouth, then cleave gagged with panyhose, then OTM gagged... 12/13/16 New television Clip: Brenda Nicole criss-cross tape gagged, wearing her girdle and shiny red pvc skirt, then chairtied, pantyhose hooded, taunted and unexhausted to consider her fate..least she got what she wanted... 12/09/16 Brenda Nicole never thought it would pass again! 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