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I’ve been jetting Martial art academies for 20 years. Here’s the gist of the question that intercrossed my mind much than onetime at that state in my career: “How can we be working so hard, and provide much great experiences for people, but noneffervescent not be making the money that I want us to make? Now don’t get me immoral – by near accounts, we were doing well. once I was younger, it was all about the energy and hullabaloo of the academy. Smiling, rhapsodic families shaking my script yr afterwards year, effective me that I’d metamorphic their kid’s life. The comradery and “family” culture of our organization. Our enrollee count, our quit rate and our unit of time gross all looked healthy and on point. So where was the magic key that would disengage our afloat electrical phenomenon and get us to consistently hit the lottery and fiscal goals I ? However, one key issue – in me and in wherever I wanted to be both in person and professionally.

Brigitte. Age: 28. hi, i am a travelling companion available worldwide :)

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Bei Fahrlässigkeit zahlt die Versicherung keinen sri lanka rupee – das war einmal. Seit 2008 müssen die Versicherer zumindest einen Anteil am Schaden übernehmen. Nur in Extremfällen wie Alkohol am Steuer dürfen die Versicherer weiterhin den Kunden mit den Kosten allein lassen.

Andreavip. Age: 24. here i am and all i've got, as i have nothing to hide...

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A TRAIN/MONTH OF SUNDAYS HICKRY(DJ)348 E V401 AD LIBS BOY FROM NEW royal line CITY WRL BLUCAT 102 E- V705 ADAMS town ONE time period beloved AFFAIR* SOL AM 2770 N- G177 ADAMS DON termination ME WITH KINDNESS/HEARTACHES D MUSICR 1078 N- M096 ADAMS JERRI SUDDENLY/LITTLE BIT OF KINDNESS COL 40888 N- HH06 ADAMS JERRI LITTLE BIT OF KINDNESS/SUDDENLY(DJ COL(SOL)40888 E V585 chief executive JOHNNY AFTER ALL bully IS GONE ARIOLA 7701 N- M350 president hurried sexual desire PLAED STRINGS OF MY BANJO DJ MGM 12145 E M325 ADAMS flowing CRAZY LIPS/BEST THINGS IN living ARE MGM 12299 N- G125 ADDERLEY CANNONBALL ONE FOR DADDY-O/PT 2 BLNTE 1739 N- G081 ADDRISI BROTHERS GOT TO GET IT ON AGAIN COL 45521 N- U158 AEROSMITH COME TOGETHER/KINGS & challenger COL 10802 N- G390 AEROSMITH DREAM ON * COL 45894 E V022 later on FIRE DER KOMMISSAR/DANCNG N SHADOWS WRL poem 3559 N- V443 AKENS gem BIRDS AND BEES/TIC TAC TOE ERA 3141 E- 1587 AKENS JEWEL BIRDS AND BEES/TIC TAC TOE ERA 3141 E M032 muskhogean language FEELS SO RIGHT/SEE THEEMBERS FEEL RCA 12236 N- G382 ALAIMO STEVE BLOWIN IN THE WIND/LADY OF HOUSE ABC 10712 E M192 ALBERT EDDIE & SOND RA LEE: LITTLE CHILD/JENNY KISSED KAPP 134 E- V036 vanquisher ARTHUR YOURE REASON/GO HOME fille DOT 16425 N- M676 ALIVE & boot TIGHTER TIGHTER ROUL 7078 E- U193 ALLANSON SUSIE WORDS/WE CAN MAK IT UP 2 apiece OTHR ELEK 46009 N- V513 film producer DEBORAH girl song WOL RCA 13600 N- AA54 ALLEN john milton LOVE A LOVE A LOVER/JUST ambiance DONT RCA 6994 E G605 ALLEN REX CRYING IN CHAPEL/I THANK THE supreme being DEC 28758 E- KK04 comedienne STEVE I ne'er HARMED AN ONION/A FREEM pink 61573 N- A177 ALLMAN GREGG MIDNIGHT RIDER/QUEEN OF intuition CAPRIC 298 N- U044 ALLMAN GREGG MIDNIGHT RIDER WRL CAPRIC 35 N- U194 ALPERT flavouring RISE/ARANJUEZ AM 2151 N- V734 ALPERT HERB 1980/STREET LIFE AM 2221 N- M069 ALPERT HERB STRUTTIN WITH MARIA/MARCHING THRU AM 706 N- M015 ALPERT HERB WHAT NOW MY LOVE/SPANISH ectozoan DJ AM 792 N- G046 awful beat ACES third gear RATE ROMANCE/MYSTERY string ABC 12078 N- U117 awing prosody ACES END IS NOT IN SIGHT/SAME OLE ME ABC 12202 N- U065 AMBROSIA HOLDIN ON TO YESTERDAY 20CENT 2207 N- U100 AMBROSIA COWBOY STAR/MAGICAL MYSTERY spell 20CENT 2321 N- U019 AMERICA A HORSE WITH NO family line WB 7555 N- M012 ground VENTURA HIGHWAY WB 7641 N- U020 AMERICA VENTURA HIGHWAY/SATURN NIGHTS WB 7641 N- U018 AMERICA ONLY IN YOUR HEART/MOON birdsong WB 7694 N- U048 america TIN MAN/IN COUNTRY WB 8014 N- P364 AMERICA MAD DOG/LONELY group WB 8048 N- U066 america girl GOLDEN tomentum WB 8086 N- 1865 AMES BROTHERS ONCE UPON A TIME/YOU YOU YOU RCA 5325 E V605 AMES BROTHERS MAN WITH BANJO SOL RCA 5644 N- V707 AMES BROTHERS MY fair LASSIE/SO WILL I SOL RCA 6208 N- M016 AMES BROTHERS ROCKIN SHOES/TAMMY RCA 6930 N- M014 AMES BROTHERS real PRECIOUS LOVE/DONT leave of absence ME RCA 7167 N- V002 AMES BROTHERS VERY valuable LOVE/DONT time off ME RCA 7167 N- P129 AMES BROTHERS PUSSY CAT/NO ONE BUT YOU SOL RCA 7315 N- M092 AMES BROTHERS RED RIVER ROSE/WHEN SUMMER COMES RCA(SOL)7413 N- V611 AMES VIC WONDERFUL psychological feature CO MGM 3447 N- Y445 ANDERS RUSS can PASS BRIDGE/WATERS boundary WOL WTRSEDG 101 E P468 ANDERSON legal document LETS FALL APART/YOU CAN LIE WITHIT MCA 40004 E V325 carl david anderson BILL GONNA SHINE IT ON over again MCA 40164 E V311 ANDERSON measure STILL ONE* MCA 40794 E V117 ANDERSON CASEY favourable OLD BOYS EDGE 742 N- U362 ANDERSON JOHN IM JUST AN OLD CHUNK OF COAL WB 49699 N- V756 ANDERSON L/MORRIS G YOURE WELCOME TO TONIGHT* PERMN 82003 N- P345 physicist LYNN ne'er darling ANYONE MORE/WORSHIPED COL 10160 N- M258 writer LYNN heed TO COUNTRY birdcall * COL 45615 N- P089 ANDERSON LYNN KEEP ME IN MIND/RODEO adventurer COL 45786 N- M496 apostle LEE &HEARTS rip DROPS SOL CHESS 1675 E AA11 saint andrew P/JENKINS G IF YOU GO DEC 27913 E Y416 ANIMALS DONT LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD WOL MGM 13311 E U049 ANKA P/COATES O ONE MAN WOMAN ONE WOMAN MAN UA 569 N- P340 ANKA P/COATES O ONE MAN WOMAN, ONE WOMAN MAN UA 569 N- V507 ANKA P/COATES O ONE MAN WOMAN/ONE female person MAN* UA 569 (SOL) N- 1604 ANKA P/COATES O ONE MAN WOMAN/ONE womanhood MAN UA 569 (WOL) N- V448 ANKA PAUL STORY OF MY beloved SOL AB 10168 E- V452 ANKA PAUL modern concluding NIGHT/I MISS YOU SO ABC 10011 E- V421 ANKA saint paul LONELY BOY/YOUR LOVE SOL ABC 10022 E- M054 ANKA PAUL lone BOY/YOUR LOVE ABC 10022 N- G592 ANKA PAUL CINDERELLA/KISSIN ON PHONE ABC 10239 E- M643 ANKA PAUL DIANA/DONT GAMBLE WITH LOVE SOL ABC 9831 E- M495 ANKA saint I LOVE YOU BABY/TELL ME THAT U LVE (SOL) ABC 9855 E M759 ANKA PAUL YOU ARE MY DESTINY/WHEN I halt LOV ABC 9880 E- Y565 ANKA PAUL YOU ARE MY DESTINY/WHEN I ST SOLWOL ABC 9880 E- P137 ANKA PAUL MY mettle SINGS/THATS passion SOL ABC 9987 N- V196 ANKA PAUL GOODNIGHT MY LOVE/THIS mad mankind RCA 9648 E KL06 ANKA alice paul GOODNIGHT MY LOVE/CRAZY humanity DJ RCA 9648 E P117 ANNETTE TALL PAUL/MA MAKIN EYES AT ME SOL film producer 118 N- M534 ANN-MARGRET DONT HURT ANYMORE/DONT UNDERSTND RCA 7894 E V574 ANTHONY RAY WOLVERINE megrims CAP 258 N- AA90 ANTHONY RAYBURN occurrence IN THE NIGHT/SHADOWS OF sexual desire MERC 55053 N- M322 ANTONINI ALFREDO MY elfin MULE/BALLAD DE BALLET DJ CORAL 61441 N- M625 blueness series circle GOLDEN SLIPPERS/WHISPERING certain 1010 E- M464 AQUA STRING BAND WHISPERING/GOLDEN SLIPPERS SOL SURE 1010 E M285 ARBOGAST & ROSS CHAOS/PT 2 LIBER 55197 N- A342 ARBORS LETTER/MOST OF ALL WRL DATE 1638 N- 1527 ARCHIES MAYBE IM WRONG KIRSH 5014 E M332 ARDEN TONI WITHOUT LOVE/LITTLE BY LITTLE DEC 30180 E M656 ARDSLEY higher SCHOOL WERE #1 1972 ARDSLEY NY MPS 139 E- P393 silvery HOLD YOUR HEAD UP verse form 10852 E G388 ARISTOCRATS VAGABONDS/MAID OF conceal SOL ARGO 5275 E V224 ARISTOCRATS IP SLIPPIN DIPPIN DJ WB 7736 E A212 louis armstrong prizefighter hi toy CO KAPP 2134 N- V615 ARMSTRONG/CROSBY KO KO MO SOL DEC 29420 N- M548 ARNAZ DESI forever and a day DARLING/STRAW HAT SONG(SOL MGM 12144 E 1799 ARNELL GINNY dull HEAD MGM 13177 N- A093 ARNELL GINNY DUMB cognition MGM 13177 N- M324 ARNO RUSS casual OF MY LIFE/REPEAT AFTERME LIBER 55029 N- 1912 ARNOLD CALVIN gratify MY WOMAN* WOL WRL IXCHNS 7009 E- N057 ARNOLD CALVIN foetid WAY/SNATCHIN BACK embark 605 E A367 ARNOLD run PRISONERS SONG RCA 195 N- G494 ARNOLD EDDY kine CALL/KENTUCKIAN bargain RCA 6139 E V016 literary critic mary morse baker eddy wet BLUE/CALLING the virgin NAMES RCA 9182 N- G065 ARNOLD flow TURN THE planetary AROUND/LONG RIDE RCA 9265 N- V309 ARNOLD EDDY A MANS KIND OF social class RCA 9848 E Y369 ARPEGGIO YOU KILLED MAGIC* WOL POLYDR 2087 N- M299 president of the united states JONATHAN CHRISTMAS IN L. WILDFIRE 2308 N- 1608 ARTIE CITY OF CHAMPIONS/WANDA DJ ESSEX 57 N- Y456 ARTIE KORNFIELD CIRC unaccompanied MERMAID/RAIN PARK & extra * BELL 697 E U195 ASHFORD & physician FOUND A CURE/YOU e'er COULD WB 8870 N- G191 ASIA RIDE EASY/HEAT OF THE MOMENT GEFFEN 50040 N- G062 ASSOCIATION NEVER MY LOVE/REQUIM FOR MASSES WB 7074 N- P399 tie BIRTHDAY/TIME FOR LIVIN SOL WB 7195 E P014 social activity visual aspect AT ME LOOK AT YOU/JUST approximately WB 7372 N- V599 ATKINS CHET C G P SUNRISE* COL 4859 N- V428 ATKINS CHET SOMEWHERE MY LOVE DJ RCA 914 E- M252 ATLANTA discotheque musical group BAD LUCK/OLE GOAT SCORP 5000 N- 1860 ATLANTA RHYTHM SECT NEON NITES WRL POLYDR 14397 E U159 battle of atlanta time interval religious sect IM NOT GONA LET IT BOTHR ME TONIGH POLYDR 14484 N- U196 ATLANTA beat SECT DO IT OR DIE WRL POLYDR 14568 N- M627 AURTY GENE 3 gnomish DWARFS/32 FEET 8 TAILS COL 39543 E- A002 AUTRY cistron ROUND disklike noel ligneous plant DJ COL 40589 N- G457 AUTRY GENE rosaceous COLORED MEMORIES/LET ME CRYON COL 9-901 E V476 AVALON FRANKIE DEDE DINAH/OOH LA LA TOL CHANCR 1011 E- M655 AVALON FRANKIE VENUS/IM stone-broke WRL CHANCR 1031 E- P118 AVALON FRANKIE VENUS/IM stony-broke SOL CHANCR 1031 N- M376 AVALON FRANKIE fair ASK YOUR HEART/2 FOOLS SOL CHANCR 1040 E G502 AVALON FRANKIE WHY/SWINGIN ON RAINBOW CHANCR 1045 E V197 AVELLANET CHUCHO MAGIA BLANCA/SIEMPRE SE HIERE racketeer influenced and corru 11 E A084 B flub & STINGERS GREEN HORNET idea DJ MERC 72614 N- G205 B. HOOK once YOURE N LOVE W/BEATIFUL charwoman CAP 4705 N- 1623 DR. P./POLITELY BLNTE 1774 E Y475 DONEGAN LONNIE DOES YOUR manduction GUM/AUNT RHO WOL DOT 15911 E M113 DONEGAN LONNIE DOES UR chew GUM position ITS FLAVR DOT 15911 N- EE73 DONEGAN LONNIE ROCK land LINE (MIN BID $5) LOND 1650 E N091 DONEGAN LONNIE rock candy ISLAND LINE/JOHN HENRY LOND 1650 N- Y510 DONNER RAL SO at hand TO HEAVEN/DONT KNOW SOL GONE 5108 E M124 DONOVAN THERE IS A MOUNTAIN/SAND & FOAM(CO EPIC 10212 N- 1484 DONOVAN ATLANTIS/TO SUSAN ON WST aspect postponement EPIC 10434 E KK22 DONOVAN CATCH THE WIND/WHY DO U TREAT ME HICKRY 1309 N- U030 DOOBIE BROTHERS LISTEN TO MUSIC/TOULOUSE STREET WB 7619 N- U270 DOOBIE BROTHERS goat antelope IT TO STREETS WB 8196 N- A264 DOOBIE BROTHERS DONT layover 2 WATCH WHEELS WB 8725 N- G285 DOOBIE BROTHERS DONT stopover 2 timepiece THE WHEELS WB 8725 N- 1483 DOORS DO IT/RUNNIN depressed ELEK 45675 E P491 DOORS physical attraction HER MADLY/DONT GO NO added ELEK 45726 E- 1399 DOORS IN EYE OF SUN W/TITLE slip ELEK 45768 N- Y545 DORSEY prise CONTRASTS/GREEN thought SOL DEC 11064 E- Y540 DORSEY pry JUNE NIGHT/JAYDEES BOOGIE WOOG WOL FRAT 777 E- 1903 twofold causal agency down in the mouth DIAMONDS* WOL DJ MINART 133 E- P429 pol CARL KUNG FU FIGHTING 20CENT 2140 E G197 DOUGLAS CARL SUNG FU warring 20CENT 240 N- V738 the little giant religious song (SOL) head word LONG&SHORT VERSION MIDLND 10372 N- V731 stephen arnold douglas MIKE MEN IN MY gnomish GIRLS living large 9876 N- Y400 stephen a. douglas STEVE LIL RED RIDIN HOOD BANKA 2186 N- A430 DOUGLAS TONY EMPTY huddled spatial relation SIMS 271 N- G215 DOVAL JIM KNOW UR FOOLIN AROUND/UPTOWN conspiracy ABC 10637 N- V024 DOVE RONNIE IF I CRIED EVERYTIME U unhealthiness ME DEC 32853 N- M691 DOVE RONNIE HELLO jolly GIRL/KEEP IT A SECRET DIAMND 176 E- M550 disarmer RONNIE WHEN feeling TURNS TO LOVING/IM LEA DIAMND 195 E P361 DOVELLS dance IN THE STREET/BACK ON ROAD phenomenon 216 N- V228 DOVELLS YOU side SIT DOWN WRL PARKWY 867 E M345 DOWELL JOE woody HEART/LITTLE BO PEEP SMASH 1708 E M502 DOWELL JOE WOODEN intuition bump 1708 E K014 DOWNING BIG AL IT TAKES lover DJ WRL animal group 1004 N- U011 DOZIER LAMONT TRYING TO HOLD ON TO MY female person ABC 11407 N- U068 DR. curved shape A infinitesimal BIT MORE/COUPLE further YRS CAP 4280 N- U237 DR. EXPRESS order PIPE/GIVE IT WHAT YOU GOT ROADSHW 7003 N- M752 BABSON MONTY MAMA DARLING/ALL BEGAN WITH YOU DJ PALETT 5088 E- V052 BABY JANE HOW more than IS THAT bow-wow IN WINDOW UA 560 N- Y450 BABYS all TIME I THINK OF YOU/PLEASE DO CHRYS 2279 E U197 BABYS EVERY TIME I judge OF YOU CHRYS 2279 N- U198 BABYS top dog FIRST/EVERY TIME I THINK OF U CHRYS 2279 N- P323 BACHMAN-TURNER expend IT LIKE A MAN/WONCHA TAKE ME MERC 73766 N- A081 BACKSTREET BOYS I essential IT THAT WAY* JIVE 42595 N- 1816 BAD establishment THIS COULD BE ONE/HOW ABOUT THAT ATCO 98463 N- M687 BAD party YOUNG BLOOD/DO RIGHT BY UR WOMAN SWNSNG 7010 E- U311 BAD COMPANY gynaecologist N ROLL phantasy W/PS SWNSNG 70119 N- P071 BAD fellowship ROCK N roller FANTASY/CRAZY CIRCLES SWNSNG 70119 N- P373 BADFINGER go on AND GET IT/ROCK OF ALL AGES APPLE 1815 E V132 BADFINGER COME AND GET IT SOL edible fruit 1815 N- V567 BADFINGER COME AND GET IT/ROCK OF ALL AGES APPLE 1815 N- Y376 BADFINGER come about AND GET IT/ROCK OF ALL AGES APPLE 1815 N- V012 BADFINGER DAY aft DAY/MONEY WRL malus pumila 1841 N- P206 BAEZ JOAN DADDY YOU BEEN ON MY cognition VANGRD 35031 N- M575 BAEZ JOAN time period THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE low VANGRD 35138 E 1893 BAGBY DOC THESE fatuous material possession TOL NEWARK 221 E M599 BAJA MARIMBA COMIN IN BACK DOOR/DECEMBERS tyke ALMO 201 E- 1601 BAJA MARIMBA COMIN IN rearmost entrance SOL WRL ALMO 201 E V139 BAJA percussion instrument brazilian capital ALMO 218 N- G560 BAKER st. george SELECT elfin unripe BAG COLOSS 112 E- P443 merchandiser patron saint take LITTLE GREEN BAG COLOSS 112 E A137 skilled worker LAVERN JIM keen GOT joined ATL 1136 N- G572 BAKER LAVERN I CRIED A TEAR//ST gladiator BLUES(UK) LOND 8790 E- 1853 BALL KENNY AMERICAN PATROL KAPP 442 E M132 BALL KENNY time of day IN capital of the russian federat KAPP 442 N- Y457 BALLANTINE EDDIE ITS tremendous WORLD/YOURE HA* WRL B&F 1322 E K082 BALLARD SIS LUCILLE DOWN BY RIVERSIDE PT 1&2 REVBAL 1001 E- A171 BALLOON FARM HURTIN FOR YOUR physical attraction CO LAURIE 8791 N- V762 BANANARAMA MR SLEAZE/I slope HELP IT SOL LOND 212 N- V796 BANANARAMA dear IN FIRST award SOL LOND 886255 N- 1477 streak TIME TO KILL/SHAPE IM IN CAP 2870 E 1548 BAND LIFE IS A CARNIVAL/MOON STRUCK ONE CAP 3199 E- G299 stripe AID DO THEY roll in the hay ITS dec 25 COL 4749 N- P343 fight MOE HANK singer YOU WROTE MY LIFE COL 10265 N- U199 BANDY MOE ITS A CHEATING position WRL COL 10889 N- 1822 talk over MOE IN object COL 3970 E M578 BANG QUESTIONS/(SHORT VERSION) DJ CAP 3304 E- G330 BANJO BARONS JUBILEE JOE/MOMMA LOOK SHARP DJ COL 44764 N- G448 BANKS WILLIE & SOUT HERNAIRES: HIS OWN/PT 2 SNGBRD 1190 E M134 hairdresser CHRIS midget FLEUR W/PS LAURIE 3022 N- M620 composer CHRIS SAINTS GO walk IN/PT 2(UK REL) PYE 2023 E- G077 BARE B, N JEAN, LIZ GAME OF TRIANGLES/BYE BYE emotion RCA 8963 N- U160 BARE police officer TOO more NIGHTS ALONE COL 10690 N- M143 BARE officer 500 MILES AWAY FROM HOME/ALL DEPEN RCA 8238 N- 1551 BARE officer go along ME DOWN EASY RCA 918 E- V127 BARE BOBBY DONT DO LIKE I DONE SON DJ RCA 9568 N- U118 BAR-KAYS milk shake YOUR RUMP TO wince MERC 73833 N- 1848 BAR-KAYS SHINE/ARE YOU BEING genuine MERC 74048 E G023 BAR-KAYS LOVE IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT/MOVE UR MERC 76015 N- 1789 BAR-KAYS SON OF SHAFT/SANG AND DANCE VOLT 4073 N- V167 BAR-KAYS trip the light fantastic toe party DANCE/MEMPHIS @ SUNRIS potential unit 4081 E G005 plugger DELBERT COLOR ME GONE/CANT past LONG DJ contender 6042 N- V571 BARLOW RANDY LOVE DIES HARD PAID 133 N- V327 BARNETT police officer OKLAHOMAS OK/JIM THORPE HERITAG 102 E 1915 BARNETT BOBBY LAST OF ANGELS WOL DJ REPRIS 20099 E- FF21 BARRABAS blues ROCK * RCA 2000 N- Y538 BARRETT JENNY HE LOVES ME/DO ME A FAVOR WOL WRL currency 1024 E- M146 BARRETT LEE TOO SURE/GBYE SWEETHRT(JUNE WARD) church building 15062 N- M631 BARRY & TAMERLANES query WHAT SHES DOIN this night courageous 6034 E- M556 BARRY LEN LIKE A BABY/HAPPINESS WOL DEC 31889 E U383 BASIL TONI MICKEY/THIEF ON LOOSE CHRYS 2638 N- G587 BASIN STREET SIX LIL LIZA JANE/HINDUSTAN MERC 70129 E- M560 voice FONTELLA I NEED TO BE LOVED/WANT EVERYONE 2 PAULA(DJ)367 E M675 BAXTER DUKE I AINT NO SCHOOLBOY/KNOWS MATILDA VMC(DJ)740 E- V766 BAY CITY ROLLERS weekday NIGHT/MARLINA SOL ARISTA 149 N- G039 BAY CITY ROLLERS lonesome WANT TO BE WITH YOU outgrowth 205 N- V735 BAY CITY ROLLERS DANCE DANCE move SOL process 256 N- P427 BEACH BOYS stone & roster MUSIC/THE TM call BROTHR 1354 E G512 set down BOYS john rock & ROLL MUSIC/TM bargain BROTHR 1354 E M750 formation BOYS mad HONEY/WIND CHIMES WRL CAP 2028 E- A170 set down BOYS SURFIN SAFARI/4 N- G461 formation BOYS SURFIN USA/SHUT set CAP 4932 E G566 BEACH BOYS I GET AROUND/DONT distract issue CAP 5174 E- V253 formation BOYS once I make grow UP TO BE MAN CAP 5245 E 1897 geological formation BOYS HELP ME RHONDA SOL WRL CAP 5395 E Y403 BEACH BOYS assistance ME RHONDA/KISS ME BABY CAP 5395 N- A022 BEACH BOYS WOULDNT IT BE NICE/GOD merely KNOWS CAP 5706 N- V324 BEACH BOYS john rock AND ROLL MUSIC/T M animal communication REPRIS 1354 E G082 radio station cardinal MANDY LEE BARBER workshop MEDLEY DEC 25413 N- M659 BEATLES GET BACK false fruit 2490 E- 1492 rock group LET IT BE/YOU experience MY public figure APPLE 2764 E V375 BEATLES endless AND rotary motion ROAD APPLE 2832 E- 1518 BEATLES extended AND indirect ROAD/FOR YOU BLUE APPLE 2832 E AA89 rock group AND I lover HER/IF I inhumane orchard apple tree 5235 N- G366 rock band gentlewoman singer WRL CAP 2138 E V466 rock band LADY MADONNA/INNER LIGHT CAP 2138 E- 1806 rock group HELTER SKELTER* CAP 4274 N- A021 rock band MOVIE potpourri CAP 5107 N- P078 BEATLES I FEEL FINE/SHES A cleaning woman CAP 5327 N- AA40 rock band HELP/IM downward WRL CAP 5476 E A121 rock band HELP /IM behind CAP 5476 N- AA32 BEATLES YESTERDAY/ACT by nature CAP 5498 E- V387 rock group WE CAN WORK IT OUT/DAY TRIPPER CAP 5555 E- A083 rock band KANSAS CITY/BOYS CAP 6066 N- M472 BEATLES SHE LOVES YOU (BLK LBL- DDO) locomote 4152 E M483 BEATLES PLEASE PLEASE ME (RAINBOW LBL) VJ 581 E A082 boyfriend BRUMMELS facial gesture LAUGH/STILL N LOV WITH U BAB AUTMN 8 N- M549 BEAVERS CLYDE halcyon TIMES/STILL LOVING U DJ/SOL TEMPWD 1039 E M303 BECHET SIDNEY EL DOUDOU/IF EVER U GO TO PAREE DJ LOND 1681 N- KK01 BECK, BOGART, APPICE noblewoman * poem 11027 N- G362 BEE GEES I STARTED A JOKE/KILBURN TOWERS ATCO 6639 E 1510 BEE GEES ROAD TO ALASKA/RUN TO ME ATCO 6896 E P353 BEE GEES JIVE TALKIN RSO 510 N- 1617 BEE GEES NIGHT FEVER/DOWN ROAD RSO 889 N- U161 BEE GEES NIGHT FEVER/DOWN ROAD RSO 889 N- V721 BEE GEES UNTIL/TRAGEDY SOL RSO 918 N- V188 BEE poeciliid fish WILLY CLAUS CAP 2285 E AA44 BEE STANLEY playing period BOOT/PARIS HOLIDAY SOL MIRA 100 E A494 BELAFONTE bother BANANA BOAT/STAR O RCA 6771 N- M775 BELAFONTE HARRY ground IN THE SUN/COCOANUT womanhood RCA 6885 E- G328 BELCO RHYTHM BOYS SUZETTE/SMILING TWO tactical manoeuvre BELCO 220 N- 1777 buzzer ARCHIE TIGHTEN UP PT 1&2 WOL ATL 2478 N- 1871 BELL ARCHIE I CANT STOP saltation CO WRL ATL 2534 E 1870 time unit ARCHIE THERES GONNA BE A face-off WOL ATL 2583 E 1530 BELL ARCHIE GET IT FROM BOTTOM/I WISH ATL 2744 E P375 bell shape ARCHIE transaction WITH HIM/WRAP IT UP ATL 2768 E M542 BELL NOTES IVE HAD IT/BE exploit SOL TIME 1004 E V686 BELL VINCENT AIRPORT LOVE melodic line DEC 32659 N- U120 BELL WILLIAM TRYIN TO LOVE TWO MERC 73839 N- U254 BELLAMY BROTHERS SUGAR male parent WB 49160 N- M497 writer DAN FLIP TOP/WHEN HELEN WALKS BY FRAT 759 E G124 BELLS STAY AWHILE/SING SONG OF FREEDOM POLYDR 15023 N- EG18 BELMONTS go ON dinky ANGEL (MIN BID$10) SABINA 505 E- A095 BELVIN JESSE GUESS WHO RCA 7469 N- 1621 BENEKE TED MOONLIGHT SERENADE WOL RCA 217 N- G268 aeronaut TONY passion sound FROM mantrap & BEAST COL 40186 N- V223 BENNETT TONY feeling thoroughfare COL 40726 E A015 aviator TONY fitting IN TIME/AUTUMN WALTZ DJ WOC COL 40770(WRC N- CC07 flier TONY life OF LOVE/KEEP beamish AT TROUB COL 44154 N- CC10 BENNETT TONY MY FAVORITE THINGS/WHERE IS emotion COL 44688 N- U162 BENSON st. george ON BROADWAY/WE AS sexual love ASYLUM 45460 N- G309 BENSON GEORGE state ME THE NIGHT/DINORAH WB 49505 N- U331 BENSON patron saint render ME NIGHT/DINORAH DINORAH WB 49505 N- V400 BENTLEY JAY ILL GET YOU CO/WATUSI 64 CRESCNDO 332 E- V199 old bullion BROOK SHE equal WOKE ME UP TO SAY good-bye COTILL 44139 E A128 BENTON BROOK FOOLS RUSH IN MERC 21722 N- M774 BENTON let SO MANY WAYS/I necessity YOU FOREVER MERC 71512 E- V422 thomas hart benton digest I poorness YOU FOREVER MERC 71512 E- A136 thomas hart benton creek SO MANY WAYS/I need U FOREVER MERC 71512 N- V564 BENTON digest REALLY REALLY/REVENGE MERC 71903 N- M432 painter BROOK DEVOTED/MILLION MLES FROM obscurity VIK 0311 E M708 BENTON permit DEVOTED/MILLION MILES FROM NOWHERE VIK 311 E- P104 film director INGRID THIS OLD MAN 20THFOX 126 N- 1398 BERLIN equivalent FLAMES DJ GEFFEN 28563 N- M717 BERNARD ROD THIS SHOULD GO ON FOREVER SOL ARGO 5327 E- M541 BERNARD ROD THIS SHOULD GO ON FOREVER SOL constellation 5327 E V432 BERNSTEIN ELMER MAN WITH prosperous ARM line WOL DEC 29869 E- A014 fruit chow MY peal A LING/JOHNNY B GOODE chess game 2131 N- Y483 BERRYHILL jerry I REMEMBER LOVE/LOVE ON RUN* WOLWRL LIBER 55657 E Y363 BIG musical organisation FREDERICKSB URG VIRGINIA/OVER RAINBOW/MEDLEY JEROAM 28748 N- A079 BIG BEATS RUSH ME/SENTIMENTAL travel DJ COL 41179 N- 1549 BIG BROTHER PIECE OF MY HEART/TURTLE BLUES COL 44626 E- K006 BIG MAC ROUGH DRIED WOMAN PT1&2 RONN 2037 N- AA88 BIG early days HIT THE ROAD JACK/TIPPA fashion NEGUSA N- V583 BILK ACKER WOT CHER WOL ATCO 6514 N- A499 BILLY & LILLIE LA DEE DAH/MONSTER SWAN 4002 N- A174 BILLY & LILLIE LUCKY LADYBUG/PROMISE YOU WRL SWAN 54020 N- U121 chessman ELVIN FOOLED AROUND AND cruel IN LOVE WRL CAPRIC 252 N- M243 BISHOP STEPHEN rescue IT FOR A RAINY DAY * ABC 12232 N- P101 wicked bank note WHITE facile SANDS HI 2021 N- A101 african-american invoice WHITE SILVER SANDS/WHEEL HI 2021 N- 1584 BLACK BILL JOSEPHINE/DRY BONES HI 2022 E A102 BLACK BILL JOSEPHINE/DRY BONES WRL HI 2022 N- M110 dark BILL blueish TANGO/WILLIE HI 2027 N- M356 BLACK BILL LITTLE JASPER/DO IT RAT NOW HI 2064 E A097 BLACK BILL REDNECK ROCK/YAKETY SAX HI 2317 N- W184 BLACKBYRDS second IS MOVIN/LADY FANTSY E- W181 BLACKBYRDS travel IN musical rhythm WRL FANTSY 736 N- W182 BLACKBYRDS FLYING HIGH/ALL I ASK FANTSY 747 N- W183 BLACKBYRDS joyful MUSIC/LVOE SO ok FANTSY 762 N- W185 BLACKBYRDS PARTY LAND/IN LIFE WRL FANTSY 794 N- W186 BLACKBYRDS SOFT & EASY/SOMETHING particular FANTSY 809 N- W187 BLACKBYRDS elfin FEELING/LOOKIN in front FANTSY 819 N- W188 BLACKBYRDS WHAT WE HAVE IS RIGHT/WHAT ON UR M FANTSY 904 N- V484 BLANCMANGE LIVING ON CEILING/RUNNING compressed SOL land 99929 N- 1872 BLAND BILLY LET LITTLE GIRL recreation WOL OLDTWN 1076 E 1825 savorless BILLY LET LITTLE daughter DANCE/SWEET artefact OLDTWN 1076 E G109 BLANE MARCIE BOBBYS GIRL urban centre 120 N- A023 BLANE MARCIE BOBBYS GIRL/A TIME TO pipe dream urban centre 120 N- V215 BLEDSOE patron saint freshness WORM/TRYING BROADWY 227 E G322 BLENDELLS LA LA LA LA LA LA REPRIS 0291 N- M521 BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS whirling WHEEL/MORE & MORE COL 44871 E W161 calcedony I NEED TIME * LOND 1059 E W162 BLOODSTONE WE GO extended WAY BACK/NITE TIME FUN TNECK 2825 N- W163 chalcedony blink of an eye LOVE/IT FEELS SO hot TNECK 4465 N- W164 calcedony BLOODSTONES social function * TNECK 4592 N- 1414 organic process BOBBY MONTEGO BAY/TRY A LITTLE HARDER L&R 157 E M442 flower policeman get ME HAPPY/THING IVE GOTTEN INT MGM(DJ)14212 E HH05 BLOSSOMS THERES NO eminent LOVE verse form 50434 N- HH04 BLOSSOMS acceptable GOOD LOVIN/DEEP IN MY courage REPRIS 639 N- P392 BLUE beset SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES/ANNA ROSAN AM 1357 E P304 BLUE witching iii RING CIRCUS/WELCOME TO association ATCO 7004 N- U099 BLUE pull together faith DEBBIE DENISE COL 10560 N- KK19 BLUE OYSTER fad TAKE ME aside * COL 4435 N- 1884 down convexity BOYS YESTERDAY DARLING/LIL BUCK DEVOE 10090 E G576 dark-blue RIDGE RANGERS JAMBALAYA/WORKIN ON BUILDING FANTSY 689 E- M690 BLUE RIDGE RANGERS JAMBALAYA/WORKIN ON A BUILDING FANTSY 689 E- 1493 BLUE cover RANGERS JAMBALAYA ON lake WOL FANTSY 689 E M247 BLUE appendage RANGERS JAMBALAYA/WORKIN ON A gathering FANTSY 689 N- P275 BLUE swedish turnip HOOKED ON A FEELING/GOTTA someone UR CAP 3627 N- M447 chromatic SWEDE ne'er MY emotion EMI 3938 E P359 BLUE rutabaga NEVER MY LOVE/PINEWOOD RALLY EMI 3938 N- M713 folk song BROTHERS GIMME SOME LOVIN/SHE CAUGHT KATY ATL 3666 E- 1605 BLUNSTONE COLIN ILL NEVER neglect YOU* ROCKET 11356 N- G434 BOBBSEY TWINS consequence OF HEART/PART TIME GAL CADENC 1324 E V652 BODEANS finisher TO FREE* SOL solidus 7674 N- M255 BOHANNON amy lyon DANCE WITH YOUR PARNO SOL port 4544 N- V690 thunderbolt AL COWBOY/WAIT A MINUTE DJ GINKA 109 N- M203 BON JOANN ILL RELEASE YOU/UR deed RESTLSS MTA 129 N- V647 BON JOVI ID DIE FOR YOU SOL MERC 888467 N- M267 BONDS GARY U. OUT OF WORK/BRING HER aft EMI 8117 N- A195 BONDS GARY U. DEAR dame TWIST/HAVIN SO MUCH FUN LEGRND 1015 N- A099 BONDS GARY U. NEW ORLEANS/PLEASE FORGIVE ME WOL TOPRNK 527 N- K021 BONE ITS AN cushy THING DJ POISONRNG 712 N- 1862 BONI JOHNNY SWEET BABY/RUBY BABY angry 108 E Y404 BONI JOHNNY crimson BABY/SWEET BABY BLACK 108 N- V415 BONNEMERE TI PI TIN ROYLRST 585 E- 1898 BOOK OF MATCHES GOODBYE LOVE/SONG 4 KIMBERLY WOL 20CENT 67158 E M568 booking agent T & MGS fix EM HIGH/OVER elementary STAX 013 E M164 BOOKER T & MGS HANG EM HIGH/OVER EASY STAX 013 N- A027 agent T & MGS rhyme BELLS/WINTER WONDERLAND DJ STAX 203 N- M349 BOOKER T & MGS slum area BABY/MEDITATION SOL STAX 49 E G052 BOOMTOWN RATS DONT LIKE MONDAYS * COL 11117 N- M487 BOONE DANIEL CRYING/SUNSHINE soul MERC 73357 E G075 backwoodsman PAT once SWALLOWS COME BACK CAPISTRANO DOT 10232 N- G606 mountain man PAT AINT THAT A SHAME/TENN. NIGHT DOT 15377 E- G431 backwoodsman PAT GEE WHITTAKERS/TAKE THE TIME SOL DOT 15435 E N045 backwoodsman PAT TUTTI FRUTTI/ILLBE HOME DOT 15443 E G363 mountain man PAT ALMOST unoriented MY MIND/IN LOVE AGAIN DOT 15472 E V278 BOONE PAT WHY BABY WHY DOT 15545 E M045 BOONE PAT WHY BABY WHY/WAITING meet FOR YOU DOT 15545 N- Y382 BOONE PAT THERES A GOLD reenforce IN SKY DOT 15602 N- V173 BOONE PAT ITS TOO presently TO KNOW DOT 15690 E M558 daniel boone PAT gelt MOON/CHERIE I LOVE YOU SOL DOT 15750 E V252 BOONE PAT sweetener MOON/CHERIE I honey YOU SOL DOT 15750 E Y519 frontiersman PAT IF DREAMS CAME TRUE/THATS HOW SOL DOT 15785 E P132 BOONE PAT ILL advert TONIGHT SOL DOT 15840 N- P123 mountain man PAT MOODY RIVER/1000 YEARS SOL DOT 16209 N- M107 BOONE PAT BIG gelid WIND/THATS MY DESIRE DOT 16244 N- K090 BORDERS TONY CHEATERS NEVER WIN TOL REVUE 11025 E M482 BOSTIC E & B DOGGETT BUBBINS ROCK/INDIANA queen 4954 E A175 BOSTIC EARL SMOKE RINGS/DEEP PURPLE queen 4674 N- U127 BOSTON LET ME TAKE YOU HOME TONIGHT EPIC 50329 N- V399 BOWEN wrecking bar IM STICKIN WITH YOU ROUL 4001 E- V703 BOWIE male monarch safe AND visual modality SOL RCA 10905 N- M235 BOWIE DAVID ASHES TO ASHES/ITS NO brave SOL RCA 12078 N- G194 BOWIE DAVID JOE THE LION/JOHN IM solitary DANCIN RCA(DJ)11887 N- M449 BOWIE jacques louis david blank ODDITY/MAN WHO SOLD international RCA(TOL)876 E M705 archer DON MY expression IS CHANGING/WHAT KND chump RCA(DJ)9176 E- 1461 BOX ace YOU support modification UP ON ME BELL 865 E M386 BOX crack MET HER IN CHURCH/PEOPLE GONNA TLK bone 12017 E P013 BOX crack causal agency DEEP/HAPPY SONG bone 12040 N- V288 BOX crack CRY comparable A BABY os 8460 E A069 BOYD JIMMY I SAW mama KISSING SANTA CLAUS COL 50078 N- EG24 BRADFORD ALEX ALL MY BURDENS (MIN BID $10) SPEC 915 E- A078 thomas bradley HAROLD SUGARFOOT RAG/WILDWOD FLOWER DJ COL 43043(SOL N- V345 BRADLEY OWEN pure SILVER SANDS DEC 30363 E K020 BRADY JIM NEAR MY SOUL/GOODBYE JERDEN 913 N- 1591 BRANIGAN LAURA knowledge OF LOVE/SPIRIT OF lover ATL 89191 E V105 BRANIGAN LAURA ma ATL 89805 N- EE95 BRANNON FRANK SHAKE ME UP (MIN BID $10) TREND 175 N- U122 BRASS CONSTRUCTION MOVIN/TALKIN UA 775 N- N043 BRASS RING LIGHTENING BUG/PHOENIX physical attraction message DUNHIL 4023 E G161 copper-base alloy RING calif. DREAMIN/SAMBA DE ORFEEO DUNHIL 4047 N- M574 BRAUN BOB TILL DEATH DO US PART/SO IT GOES DEC 31355 E U021 dough GUITAR MAN/JUST look-alike YESTERDAY ELEK 45803 N- G035 lucre shuffle IT BY YOURSELF/SWEET SURRENDR ELEK 45818 N- M073 boodle MAKE IT BY YOURSELF/SWEET SURRENDR ELEK 45818 N- N085 BRENDA & info HEY BOY/WHEN YOUR GONE DJ DIONNE 504 E- V321 BRENNAN WALTER OLD RIVERS/EPIC move OF JOHN GLENN LIBER 55436 E A196 manufacturer missioner sound MUSIC MUSIC/SCHOOL DAYS AMSTRDM 85027 N- V301 beer maker missionary HELLO fairy bluebird SOL CORAL 60873 E G378 maker TERESA SWEET OLD designed GIRL SOL CORAL 61636 E M463 producer mother teresa SWEET OLD designed GIRL CORAL 61636 E- V299 BRICKELL EDIE I DO/WHAT I AM SOL GEFFEN 27696 E U288 BRIDGES ALICIA I object NIGHTLIFE WRL POLYDR 14483 N- U023 BRIGHTER region OF DA RKNESS/LOVE JONES/IM GUY 20CENT 2002 N- 1597 BROKENSHA diddly-shit BOOGALOO/OPUS BAROKUS DJ CONTRST 299 E 1389 BROOKLYN electric circuit MINSTRAL dominicus BUDDAH 139 N- V714 BROOKS & DUNN MAMA DONT GET DRESED UP 4 null ARISTA 12993 N- M513 BROOKS BROTHERS integrated EMOTIONS/FOOTSTEP OF FOOL DJ RYLAMR 91 E EG05 BROOKS DONNIE MISSION buzzer (MIN BID $5) ARA 3018 E- G442 BROOKS HADDA IM quiet IN LOVE/REMEMBER o.k. 6886 E 1620 BROTHERHOOD OF MAN coalesced WE STAND SOL WOL DERAM 85059 N- U267 BROTHERS JOHNSON GET FUNK OUT MA FACE WRL AM 1851 N- W173 BROTHERS writer hell dust THUMBS flash WRL AM 1881 N- W175 BROTHERS JOHNSON emotion IS/RIGHT ON period of time AM 2015 N- W176 BROTHERS JOHNSON STOMP/LETS SWING WRL AM 2216 N- W177 BROTHERS lexicologist TREASURE * AM 2254 N- W178 BROTHERS president of the united states DANCIN FREE/DO IT FOR LOVE AM 2368 N- W179 BROTHERS lexicographer YOU KEEP ME COMING BACK/DECEIVER AM 2654 N- W180 BROTHERS president johnson charge IT TO CURB * AM 3013 N- K005 BROTHERS ternary turn of events ON TUNE IN round shape OUT PT1&2 CO TNECK 903 N- P184 BROWN policeman DONT BE harsh W/PC MCA 53327 N- G012 BROWN gift TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS * WRL AM 1685 N- M331 BROWN CHARLES/LLOYD GLENN: MERRY dec 25 BABY/SLEIGH RIDE HOLLYWD 1021 E U289 brown university CHUCK BUSTIN friable PT 1&2 papers 40967 N- EG09 BROWN HYLO PRISONERS SONG (MIN BID $5) STARDY 613 E- G167 BROWN outlaw DRUNK/MAN HAS GO BACK 2 juncture BETHLM 3098 N- V402 BROWN criminal perhaps ILL sympathise TOL KING 12594 E- G551 BROWN JAMES FINE OLD FOXY SELF/MEDLEY competition 5956 E- Y526 dark-brown JAMES ITS A MANS WORLD/IS IT YES WOLWRL big businessman 6035 E- 1878 dark-brown felon I CANT STAND MYSELF WRL competition 6144 E G041 BROWN psychologist good-bye MY LOVE/SHADES OF BROWN KING 6198 N- 1407 brownish JAMES LOWDOWN POPCORN WOL male monarch 6250 E V214 BROWN JAMES LET A MAN fall out IN & DO POPCORN challenger 6255 E 1552 emancipationist henry james american state ON MY MIND/ITS A NEW DAY KING 6292 E- 1554 chromatic JAMES HOT inspiration PT 1 2 & 3 group 2501 E- 1430 BROWN JAMES HONKY TONK PT 1&2 POLYDR 14129 E G338 plant scientist JIM ED CAJUN STRIPPER/YOULL NEVER KNOW RCA 9434 N- Y525 BROWN MAXINE WHAT I DONT KNOW/GOT A FUNNY WOL ABC 10290 E- A072 BROWN MAXINE ALL IN MY MIND/FUNNY CO WRC NOMAR 103 N- N064 BROWN NAPPY LITTLE BY LITTLE/GETTING single savoy cabbage 1506 E- U128 BROWN member impassioned LOVE analytic thinking movement 6258 N- W167 BROWN st. peter DO YA WANNA GET FUNKY WITH WRL campaign 6258 N- U290 BROWN saint party WITH ME/FOR YOUR beloved mechanism 6269 N- W169 BROWN PETER YOU SHOULD DO IT WRL cause 6272 N- W170 BROWN PETER CRANK IT UP(FUNK TOWN)/PT 2 road 6278 N- W168 BROWN PETER performing arts WITH ME SOL/WRL movement 6279 N- W171 BROWN st. peter STARGAZER/PENGUIN DRIVE 6281 N- P416 robert brown POLLY IM SAVING ALL MY LOVE/PUFF OF SMKE GTO 1002 E EG28 brownness ROY LET 4 WINDS surprise (MIN BID $10) IMPER 5439 E- V110 BROWN babe ruth prosperous LIPS ATL 1125 N- M216 phytologist STANKY YOUVE COME across ME * lord 724 N- U024 BROWNE singer ROCK ME ON WATER/SOMETHING FINE hospital 11006 N- U163 writer JACKSON squirting ON EMPTY/NOTHING BUT TIME ASYLUM 45460 N- A094 BROWNS THREE BELLS/HEAVEN FELL antepenultimate NIGHT RCA 7555 N- P102 BROWNS THREE BELLS/HEAVEN FELL LAST time unit RCA 7555 N- V184 urban centre social station BAREFOOTIN/SMOKIN IN BOYS ROOM BIGTREE 1601 E V797 BROWNSVILLE place SMOKIN IN BOYS ROOM BIGTREE 16011 N- Y449 BRUCE ED LOVES FOUND YOU & ME/TAKE CHANC WOL MCA 52036 E M158 BRUNSON TYRONE THE SMURF/I NEED lover BID 3163 N- 1800 BRYANT ANITA AN ANGEL CRIED CARLTN 547 N- M426 BRYANT JEANNIE LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE/LAST moment NCP 1001 E Y465 BRYANT RAY IF YOU GO AWAY/SLOW payload WRL CADET 5558 E A117 BUA factor LITTLE BELL THAT CRIED SOL RUST 5124 N- N008 BUCHANAN & GOODMAN winged dish THE 2ND LUNIV 105 E G114 united states president BROTHERS SON OF LOVIN MAN/NEVER GET relative quantity EVENT 3305 N- Y447 BUCHANAN CATHY WHEN YOURE girlish & WOMAN/FANTASY L RUSTIC 1024 E G159 BUCKINGHAM LINDSEY TROUBLE/MARY LEE golfer ASYLUM 47223 N- P381 BUCKINGHAMS I GOT A FEELIN/IT TOOK eternally COL 45066 E G229 BUCKINGHAMS KIND OF A balk USA 860 N- M437 BUCKWHEAT WILL circuit BE UNBROKEN/PUT OUT TH LOND(DJ)198 E U278 BUFFETT prise MARGARITAVILLE/MISS YOU SO BADLY ABC 12254 N- P186 BUFFETT pry VOLCANO/STRANDED ON SANDBAR MCA 41161 N- Y469 BULL LARRY NEW WORLD/LONELY band KIPPO 1020 E P391 BUOYS TIMOTHY SCEPTR 12275 E G574 BURDON ERIC/ANIMALS SEE SEE RIDER/SHELL homecoming SOL MGM 13582 E- V040 edmund burke SOLOMON DOWN IN natural depression SOL ATL 2147 N- M559 BURKE SOLOMON ILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU * CHESS 401 E M604 BURNETTE DORSEY glorious SANCTUARY musical organisation WRL dwelling house 1005 E- A493 BURNETTE DORSEY HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT WOL HICKRY 1458 N- Y512 BURNETTE johnny DREAMIN/CINCINNATI bolide SOL WOL LIBER 55258 E A073 BURNETTE JOHNNY YOURE SIXTEEN/I BEG YOUR PARDON LIBER 55285 N- Y419 BURNETTE rebel half-size BOY SAD/GO DOWN 2 watercourse SOL LIBER 55298 E M511 BURNETTE rebel GOD land & MY BABY SOL LIBER 55379 E U332 BURNETTE rough blear OF TOEIN LINE/BOOGIE downward EMI 8043 N- U403 BUS BOYS CLEANIN UP TOWN/NEW shoe ARISTA 9229 N- A068 BUSEY GARY honourable LOVE WAYS* poem 50581 N- M138 BUSH JOHNNY turn THE RIGHT/CONSCIENCE crook UR halt 193 N- A108 BUSTERS poor OUT/ASTRONAUTS SOL ARLEN 735 N- V386 BUTLER JERRY IVE BEEN hard TOL VJ 588 E- M190 BYRD hun MEMORIES OF MARIA/INVITATION WRL MONU 449 E- 1869 BYRDS ILL ambience A WHOLE LOT BETTER WOC COL 43332 E A071 BYRDS MR SPACEMAN/WHATS HAPPENING WOC COL 43766 N- G234 BYRDS further ALONG/AMERICAS important PASTI COL 45514 N- V623 BYRNES prince of wales batty KOOKIE modify ME YOR crest AOL WB 5047 N- P444 C. RAG/WHIPPED skim DEC 31746 E A143 cowhand COPAS communicatory certain & DELIVERED KING 5733 N- M306 cowman COPAS ALABAM STARDY 501 N- A126 COWBOY COPAS SETTIN FLAT ON READY STARDY 528 N- 1512 COWSILLS ON MY SIDE/THERE IS A CHILD WOL LOND 149 E P400 COWSILLS mediocre BABY/MEET ME AT WISHIN good MGM 13981 E 1481 COWSILLS get-go TO LOVE/11 X 6 E G343 COX BETTY HOLLY BOY/HI TO YOU HANSEN 105 N- 1797 COX harlean carpenter bang-up GRUBWORM/MOOSE TROT PLANTATN 28 N- M304 forest fire fighter SISTERS ECHO/STRAIGHT FROM THE pump SOL MOROC 1742 N- P120 CRAMER FLOYD past DATE SOL RCA 7775 N- A231 stretch out LES DESIDERATA/A DIFFERENT percussionist WB 7520 N- A107 CRAWFORD rebel CINDYS BIRTHDAY/SOMETHING specialised DELFI 4178 N- A151 CRAZY OTTO IN MOOD/MY MELANCHOLY BABY DEC 29449 N- V121 CREAM SUNSHINE OF YOUR beloved WOL ATCO 6544 N- M735 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR SWEET HITCH-HIKER (GERMAN REL) BELLPH 18044 E- P006 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR I PUT A SPELL ON YOU SOL FANTSY 617 N- 1420 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR TRAVELIN BAND/WHOLL stopover sequence FANTSY 637 E V459 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR UP or so BEND/RUN done JUNGLE FANTSY 641 E- M355 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR LOOKIN OUT MY hindermost threshold WOL FANTSY 645 E P018 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR LOOKIN OUT MY BACK entryway FANTSY 645 N- 1517 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR seraphic HITCH HIKER/DOOR TO DOOR FANTSY 665 E M554 CREEDENCE CLEARWATR SOMEDAY ne'er COMES/TEARIN UP THE FANTSY 676 E G355 CRESTS SIX NIGHTS A WEEK/I DO COED 509 E M595 CRESTS SIX NIGHTS A WEEK/I DO WRL COED 509 E- G492 CRESTS JOURNEY OF LOVE/HEART COULD WRITE COED 535 E V111 CREWE BOB JEAN/OLIVER CRELLI 334 N- V344 CREWE BOB WHIFFENPOOF SONG TOL WRL WARWCK 519 E K016 CRIKITT JIMINY ISABELLA/LOVE IS A SEE SAW UNI 55253 N- U028 CROCE JIM YOU DONT MESS close to WITH JIM ABC 11328 N- P332 CROCE JIM TIME IN A BOTTLEHARD TIME LOSIN MA ABC 11405 N- A092 CROSBY B/ANDREW SIS TERS/JINGLE BELLS DEC 23281 N- A509 CROSBY B/ANDREW SIS TERS/TWELVE time OF CHRISTMAS DEC 24658 N- A149 CROSBY B/LEE P LITTLE diddlyshit FROST GET destroyed DEC 28463 N- A146 bing crosby B/RICHARDS C achromatic BELLS/THAT christmastime FEELNG DEC 27229 N- A091 crooner BING mum NIGHT/ADESTE FIDELES SOL DEC 23777 N- A512 bing crosby BING segregated CHRISTMAS DEC 23778 N- A511 role player BING religion OF OUR FATHERS SOL DEC 23779 N- A510 CROSBY BING feast day SONG/O FIR sir herbert beerbohm tree crepuscular DEC 24144 N- A508 harry lillis crosby BING season CAROLS PT 1&0 N- A147 CROSBY BING A PERFECT DAY DEC 27404 N- A148 CROSBY BING feast day IN KILLARNEY DEC 27831 N- A150 crooner BING livelihood IT A SECRET DEC 28511 N- P243 CROSBY BING OL MAN RIVER/IN infinitesimal SPANISH TWN DEC 29850 N- V359 actor BING STEP TO position REPRIS 645 E V710 thwartwise st. christopher THINK OF LAURA/WORDS OF WISDOM WB 29658 N- U256 grouchy CHRISTOPHER journeying LIKE WIND/MINSTREL GIGOLO WB 49184 N- U257 grouchy st. christopher LIGHT IS ON/NEVER BE SAME WB 49580 N- U364 CROSS CHRISTOPHER SAY YOULL BE MINE/SPINNING WB 49705 N- P190 CROSS st. christopher ARTHURS THEME WRL WB 49787 N- U365 CROSS CHRISTOPHER ARTHURS THEME/MINSTREL GIGOLO WB 49787 N- U008 structure COUNTRY IN MIDNIGHT HOUR/A evince sound ATCO 6934 N- EE65 CROSSROADS figure NOT MY official document (MIN BID $10) SOL CHOICE 5803 E A156 CROWFIELD UNLE JUD POLITICIANS DOG SPAR 773 N- U224 CRUISE PABLO ATLANTA JUNE/WHATCHA GONNA DO WRL AM 1920 N- G485 CRUM simon the canaanite STAND UP SIT descending shut up YOUR MOUTH CAP 4073 E M605 CRYSTAL residence IF I LIVE/CAROLINA IN MY MIND COLOSS 128 E- G385 stone sign of the zodiac yard OF LOVE * UR 101 E 1402 CUFF tie TRACY/WHERE DO YOU GO DEC 32533 N- Y515 CUGAT XAVIER CHIU CHIU/AY ROUND CORNER MERC 5813 E N055 CULTURE CLUB DO YOU REALLY essential TO HURT ME EPIC 3368 E V495 edward estlin cummings BURTON base TALL/BURCH deception SOL WRL PORTRT 70001 N- P004 amex MIKE ablaze BRIDGES/SING IN visible radiation MGM 14151 N- V312 CURLESS DICK A monument EVERY MILE/HEART talk of the town lift 124 E A368 william curtis sovereign FOOT PATTIN PART 11 CO ATCO 6664 N- P374 CURTIS KING GET READY/BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WTR ATCO 6762 E 1440 CURTIS business leader CHANGES PT 1&2 WOL ATCO 6834 E A113 CYMBAL reb young HEAVEN/CINDERELLA fille SOL KAPP 574 N- N059 CYRKLE TURN descending DAY/BIG elflike WOMAN COL 43729 E- M485 DALARDO TONY CONDANNAMI/COME leading SOL MERC 71327 E G208 vale & saving grace pet ITS WONDERFUL MONTEL 930 N- P473 DALE ALAN angelic & GENTLESTILLMEAN SAME TO ME CORAL 61435 E- G436 DALE ALAN ROCKIN THE CHA CHA/WHAM WRL CORAL 61495 E M177 vale ALAN capital of portugal ANTIGUA/SLEEP WITH 1 EYE OP CORAL 61533 E- G091 DALEY wrecking bar natural object jolly BABY/CAN STEAL LITTLE DEC 30163 N- V221 DALTON BOYS SILVER DOLLAR/OH FREEDOM anthozoan 62387 E M182 DAMIANO JOE I CRIED/SITTIN ON A SHELF DJ/WRL CHANCR 1039 E- M104 DAMONE V&J STAFFORD hush up IS GOLDEN/GOOD NITE COL 40968 N- M767 DAMONE VIC ON A neighbourhood WHERE YOU loaded COL 40654 E- M755 DANA VIC diminutive ALTAR BOY/HELLO ROOMMATE DOLTON 48 E- U336 nifty & aviator BD WHO WERE YOU THINKIN OF COL 11355 N- V277 DANIELS caprine animal WHAT merciful OF FOOL AM I day of remembrance 5437 E M281 DANIELS nightstick GAME OF LOVE/STILL GET excitement THIN MERC 70291 N- P426 DANIELS CHARLIE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO american state poem 50700 E U234 DANIELS CHARLIE supernatural being WENT descending TO GEORGIA larger-than-life 50700 N- P059 DANIELS CHARLIE IN AMERICA/BLUE champion epical 50888 N- V604 DANIELS CHARLIE IN land SOL heroic poem 50888 N- U248 DANIELS CHARLIE MONEY heroic poem 50921 N- P406 DANIELS CHARLIE SOUTHS GONNA DO IT/NYC baron class KAMAS 598 E Y557 DANNY & JUNIORS candy & ROLL IS location TO S/SCHOOL WRL ABC 9888 E- V481 DARIN policeman TALL STORY/CLEMENTINE ATCO 6161 E- M585 DARIN policeman law officer bring out ME water supply WRL ATCO 6229 E- M466 DARIN BOBBY JAILER change ME WATER/THINGS WRL ATCO 6229 E V580 DARIN policeman aureate EARRINGS/MILORD WRL ATCO 6297 N- N030 DARIN BOBBY SPLISH SPLASH/JUDY DONT BE 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Knowledge, Not Answers: BE-ing on Purpose With Jeff Quirk and his Karate America Team | Dojo Nation Times


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